What is an “Only in Indonesia” moment?

This! Only in Indonesia!

[1] Remember this? This is not movie shooting nor accident. This is the terrorist bombing act in Sarinah shopping center, Jakarta on 14 January 2016.

When we saw the terrorism act in Paris, everyone running away for their life. In Indonesia, the people will GATHER TO WATCH instead of run away and save their own life. Do you think the situation was already cleared? Nooooooo, oh no. On the picture above, the guy in the red circle is one of the suspected terrorists.

On that incident, there were many civilians who gathered around the bombing spots and ignored the danger until people made this meme.

[4] The white caption there “Tetep Kumpul Walau Bahaya Mengancam” means “Still Gather Around Though Danger is Threatening”. This is kind of very funny for us Indonesians because we knew this saying “Makan Ngga Makan Asal Kumpul”, which means, no matter what happens, Indonesian always prioritize gathering among family and friends (this due to the philosophy or togetherness in Indonesia).

The red caption “Indonesia Berani” means “Daring or Brave Indonesia”. “Indonesia Berani” actually has cynical meaning toward the tendency shown in that picture. It became a hit tagline and hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

ONLY IN INDONESIA, the civilians will approach the terrorism spot instead of running away from that area.

EDIT: Thank you for the reference given by Adinna Khairil Ikhwani. I was looking for the news regarding this one situation but did not find it when I wrote this initially.

So, during that bombing, besides people gather around instead of running away to save their own life and avoid that incident, believe it or not, the street hawk food vendors around that area are spotted still operating like the Satay Seller or Bakso cart, just like the picture below. Many pointed to the street vendors operating near the bomb blasts who nonchalantly continued plying their trade with no mind to the violence, serving customers snacks such as grilled chicken sate. [5]The large crowd in the picture above became the source of income for the street food vendors. Suddenly these vendors got a lot of buyers because of the terrorist bombing attack.

[6] This fact again became another viral meme.

[7] The caption “Keep Calm and Bakar Sate” means “Keep Calm and Grill the Satay”. The hashtag #KamiTidakTakut also became a trend (even I posted another meme with this hashtag on my social media account). #KamiTidakTakut means “WeAreNotAfraid”. It refers to, ONLY IN INDONESIA even though there was a dangerous incident like a terrorist attack, Indonesians are not afraid and they will still do their normal job nonchalantly.

ONLY IN INDONESIA, terrorist attack benefits street food vendors. LOL

Like it is not enough, now let’s take a look at the undercover police officer.

[8] These are Indonesian undercover police who were following the bomber suspect.

[9] The Officer in the white circle suddenly became a celebgram and so popular in Indonesia. Yes, because of his bravery, but not only that. It is because this officer is quite handsome and stylish.

[10] Another hashtag trending, #KamiNaksir. “Kami Naksir” means “We Have Crush On”. Because of his good looking face, a lot of female citizens started that hashtag.

[11] The outfit that the officers wore also became a hit. Bleekcer convertible sling pack by Coach, Gucci shoes and Adidas camouflage shoes are trending because of this shot.

ONLY IN INDONESIA, a dangerous incident became A-List status climbing and fashion trend.

And lastly,

ONLY IN INDONESIA, the terrorist attack became a joke and considered super funny (because of the facts above) instead of becoming a life-threatening event.

Thank you for the request, Gopikrishnan Mukundan.


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